Sundown 2014 Mixtape 06.11.14

We have a mixtape!  In the menu above, click “Listen to the Mixtape” to hear a sampling of songs from many of the artists performing at Sundown 2014.  Share it with your friends and help spread the word about all of the amazing performers joining us this year.

Performer line up announcement! 05.23.14

We can officially announce (almost) all the performers at the inaugural Sundown! Check this out!


On the main stage: Wild Luck, The Dawn Drapes, The Burning Dirty Band, Elephant Child, The Will to Survive, Mammoth Indigo, Night Idea, Fight Cloud


On the side stage: Dragtones, 90 Proof Therapist, Small Hands, TAG, Young Scum, Way, Shape, or Form, Parentheses


On the acoustic stage: Jeremy Cowgill, Matthew McAllister, Sam Cregger, Ben Eppard, Furious George, Uncle Bengine, James Harris Moore (former Penny Pistol), Red Clover Ghost, The Travelin’ Hillbillies


After dusk set: Dave Watkins, ARTERIAL, YNICORNS

Official date: June 28th 03.28.14

After a lot of discussion and careful thought, we’ve decided to make Sundown 2014 happen on June 28th to avoid a handful of scheduling conflicts we ran into with a May date.  The call for bands and artist submissions is officially open, find the submission forms in the bands and artists sections of the site.